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Welcome, this is a genealogy web site for "The Nugent Family". William Nugent lived in Laurens County South Carolina before 1800 and his family spread out. In the 1800 census it shows "Free White Males (Age 26-45): 2 " one of which is William and I believe the other is his brother Benjamin who later moved to Franklin county Indiana. So if you have Nugent's in your line from South Carolina in the early to middle 1800's we may be kinfolk. Also it seems that some of them were farmers and blacksmiths. My line of the Nugent's came from Laurens County South Carolina and went to Roark's Cove (aka Civil District 9, Hawkerville, or Alto), Franklin County, Tennessee in the mid 1810's. John Nugent settled there and four more generations of Nugent's were born there. I found the will of Samuel Nugent that describes all of James Nugent of Rogersville in Lauderdale Alabama's children exactly so that line is also connected to mine.

I am dedicating this site to my father George Derrel Nugent, the last generation born there, he will be missed but never forgotten. While this is a web site of the Nugent family there are many other lines that are related such as Cherry, Crownover, Houk, Taylor, and on and on. Please use the Site Search to see if any of you family lines are here. This site will be updated regularly. Any information and or pictures of Nugent's or their descendants will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Derrel O. Nugent

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William Nugent

Born: Craven Co.,SC
Date: 1766 Aprox.
Died: Laurens Co., SC
Date: 1844 Aprox.
Location: Laurens Co., SC
Married: Yes
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